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Penelope Kinnett, Kindergarten the daughter of RJ and Gabrielle Kinnett.

Bailey Budd, Kindergarten the daughter of Brian and Erin Budd.

Bailey Cannon, Kindergarten daughter of Daymon Cannon.

Ali Morin, 1st grade the daughter of Marc and Michelle Morin.

Kyla Wood, 1st grade daughter of Taryn Wood and Ken Megown.

Samantha Yakel, 1st grade the daughter of Tera Yakel.

Harley Mathis, 1st grade the daughter of Crystal Belling and Bianca Crandall.

Chloe Gardner, 1st grade the daughter of Crissa Gardner.

Treyson Williams, 1st grade the son of Bridgette Bardwell.

Dominic Prewitt, Kindergarten the son of Adam and Adele Prewitt.

Porter Collins, Kindergarten the son of Chandler and Kali Collins.

Easton Werkmeister, Kindergarten son of Staci Werkmeister.

Urijah Stone, Kindergarten the son of Justin and Krystal Stone.

Tevor Norman, Kindergarten the son of Kenny and Danae Norman.

Gannon McCullick, 1st grade the son of Mike and Chastity McCullick.

Trevin Keith, 1st grade the son of Elizabeth and Jared Keith.

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