Tad Johnston hails from Nevada. He is a musician extraordinare. He plays fiddle, harmonica, guitar, ukulele, etc.Tad just started painting a couple years ago.

The Wayside Inn Museum hosted it’s annual Art Show and Sale reception this past Sunday with the biggest attendance ever. Everyone enjoyed the display of the phenomenal talents of the local artists along with fellowship and snacks. Artists that were attendance for the meet and greet included: Tad Johnston, Tom Altenburg, Kirk Sibley, Alex Franks, Gary Allison, Doris Allen, Sandra Hernandez, Laurie Phinney, Eddie Moore, Rachael Daulton, Mary Janes Martin, Michael Wood, and Tracy Stevens. Other artist’s work displayed included: Peggy Sibley, Wilma McKinley, Tara Friar, Ginelle Esry, Mike Conway, Torey Richards, Starla Dobbs, Ava Phipps, Margie Hacker, Michael Baker, Ruth Ellen Campbell, George Hart, and Blanche Fisher.
If you missed out, please feel to visit the museum this week as most of the art work will be there thru Sunday. The hours for the museum are Thursday thru Saturday, 1-4 and Sunday 2-4.

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