Cedar County Memorial Hospital we would like to give an big “Shout-Out” to two of the very best!!! Pam Lacuesta, OTR,L and Ginelle Esry, COTA,L both go above and beyond in their care of our patients and we would like to thank them for their continued dedication.

Occupational Therapy services may benefit those having residual problems from Stroke, COPD, Heart Conditions, Pre/post-op needs, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and many other conditions. It may also benefit Pediatric patients with needed improvements in areas of Gross Motor Coordination, Sensory processing issues and even benefits infants and youth experiencing developmental delays  as well as physical coordination challenges. If you feel that you or a loved one may benefit from  Occupational Therapy, please give their department a call at (417) 876-3479. And, “Thanks ladies” for posing for this “socially distanced” snap.