The Hospital Auxiliary  fundraising  committee met to plan their upcoming event: Oinkin’ Spud Fundraiser and Bake Sale. It will be held on Friday, Oct. 21, at the First Baptist Church on South Main Street from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Again, we will offer a loaded baked potato, pulled pork, and three cookies. Since this is a fundraiser for the hospital, it was determined that the price would have to be raised from last year. With the increased cost of food and materials, it was decided that the price of $10 would be necessary. We hope that patrons know that this is a contribution to help our local hospital.

We have to sell tickets ahead of time so we know the quantity of food and supplies to purchase. Tickets can be purchased from any Auxiliary member. Lana Sue has also offered her phone number of 876-4246 for those persons that don’t know a member.

We won’t have an option to eat your meal at the church. Orders can easily be picked up at the circle drive on the north entrance to the church. We remind people that the drive is one-way. You should enter on the west and exit coming out toward Main Street. Delivery is also available.

In previous years, we have sold pies. It was decided to offer a full Bake Sale in the south parking lot this year. Auxiliary members will be baking delicious pies, cakes, bars, breads, and cookies. This Bake Sale will be open to anyone that wants to stop along Main Street and purchase goods, until they run out! Again, all proceeds will go to help the hospital.

We will also hold a $100 drawing. Tickets are $1 each.   It’s a great opportunity to win $100! Auxiliary members will be selling these, too. They will also be available for purchase at the bake sale.

This is a huge planning and execution event taken on by the all-volunteer Auxiliary members, with a lot of help from the hospital kitchen staff and maintenance department. The Baptist Church is a great location to hold this event and we appreciate its use.