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1. Who are you?

My name is Dean “Leon” Dwerlkotte.  I am your current Cedar County Sheriff. I am a 1972 Stockton graduate.  I served 8 1⁄2 years in the US Army, and am a Vietnam Era Veteran.  I have been married to my wife, Jan (Cargill) for 33 years, and we have a son, a daughter, their spouses and 5 grand-children.

2. What office are you running for and what are your qualifications?

I am seeking re-election for Cedar County Sheriff, the position I have held since January 1st, 2013. I have worked hard to correct many issues and problems that prior existed.   I have organized old files, reports, evidence; the filing system, plus established new policies and guidelines. I have gotten the sheriff’s office budget in the black for the past two years. I have established a new report system and jail management system; maintained a new jail, with limited staff at low wages and budgeting; along with training for deputies and staff.

I have been a “working” Sheriff, whether on the road or as an administrator which requires many hours of paperwork; financial budgeting; keeping up with new laws; acquiring grants; training; payroll; keeping the media informed when necessary; public relations; making inquiries and obtaining information necessary to do this job; all while keeping YOU the citizen safe, along with officers and staff safe.

My background in law enforcement consists of:    6 1⁄2  years Military Policeman ; 2 years  Armed Security in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Deputy Sheriff for Jefferson County Kansas; Federal Bureau of Prisons in Colorado; 17 years Deputy Sheriff for Cedar County, Missouri; 5 years as Deputy Sheriff in Polk County, Missouri, and as your current Sheriff.

3. What is the biggest crime problem for Cedar County and how will you handle it?

Illegal drug manufacturing, usage and the transportation of any type of illegal drugs   through Cedar County and our bordering counties, is an on-going problem with all law enforcement agencies.  Burglaries, thefts, domestics are among some of the other crimes often committed due to drug involvement; as well as mental health issues arise from the addiction of drugs. As your Sheriff, along with deputies, the assistance of the public and other agencies (Major Case Squad, Community Narcotic Enforcement Team and DEA); we will continue the battle against illegal drugs being manufactured, distributed and used within Cedar County. I am aware of the drug problem within the county and am aware of those manufacturing and distributing drugs. Being aware of drug locations and individuals, does not give law enforcement the right to bust in and make arrests. Evidence has to be obtained for a search warrant before entering and searching. Most cases, those individuals do not voluntarily invite law enforcement into their home. Once arrests are made and drugs, etc. are taken into evidence and reports are made, then it is turned over to the county prosecutor.

4. What will you need to help you provide good law enforcement for Cedar County?

One important need is the public’s help by reporting any suspicious activity; by the use of neighborhood watch programs, and the reporting of crimes.  A few more officers and vehicles, with the necessary equipment needed to perform their duties. Additional funding would be crucial for the safety and overall operation of the Sheriff’s Office. Plus Teamwork. Communication, cooperation and compromise between County and City’s governments, and the Prosecutor and Courts are vital in making the entire system work efficiently.

5.Is there enough staff for the Sheriff’s office?

No, there is not enough staff to provide the coverage for the overall county in an adequate and safe manner; whether in patrol, corrections or communications within the sheriff’s office.  If the county funding could afford it, the Sheriff’s Office would need a minimum of 16 Deputies, and a minimum of 20 Correctional Officers and 10 Communications Officers, to cover all shifts, and allowing for time off, vacations, holiday and comp time off.

6.What do you want to see accomplished if you are re-elected?

If re-elected to serve as Cedar County Sheriff, I’m not going to make any promises I cannot keep, but I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability and make improvements along the way, and attempt to get better radios or radio system for deputies and vehicles, fleet management for vehicles, deputy uniform allowance, higher wages, additional deputies, jail staff and communication personnel, continued training for all staff members.  I will continue an open door policy with the public and staff.

James McCrary 1cc

1. My name is James McCrary, my son, Calvin, and I live in rural Cedar County between Stockton and El Dorado Springs. My mother lives next door in a small house that I built for her. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, fishing, hunting and working in my wood shop.

2. I started working construction with my father when I was about 12 years old. I have worked non-stop in Cedar County for 40 years. Before my career in law enforcement, I worked at Hammons Products, Fugate Motors and Superior Gearbox. I have worked as a logger, steel worker and farm hand. In addition to whatever full time job I had, I hauled hay, cut firewood for neighbors and worked on a cattle farm west of Stockton. In 1988, I attended Missouri Southern Police Academy and graduated third in a class of 55. I have been a licensed Peace Officer for 28 years.

From 1988 until 2002, I served with the Stockton Police Department three years as Chief of Police. From 2002 to 2013, I worked with the Sheriff’s Office as Lieutenant and Chief Investigator. I worked with two drug task forces and a Major Case Squad. I was the leader of a Police Explorer program which teaches young people about police work. For the past three years I have been working in timber frame construction.

3. I am running for Sheriff. My qualifications are my over 24 years of service and the knowledge that comes with that. I have experience and proven ability in all areas of the job including patrol, jail operations, courtroom security and communications with 14 years as a proven and respected investigator and administrator.

My most important qualification is my commitment to serving my community and my willingness and ability to do a tough job and do it right.

4. My goal is to provide dependable and trusted service for everyone in Cedar County, including prompt response to calls for service, timely and thorough investigation of crumbs when they occur, fair and equal enforcement of our laws and making sure that people know we will be there to protect their lives and property and to protect and defend our constitutional rights.

What I would like to see accomplished is a reduction in illegal drug activity and other crime in Cedar County. I would like to see a community partnership where the citizens and the Sheriff’s Office work together to solve problems. People would be welcome to voice their concerns or give us information so we can better serve the community. I will use my experience, knowledge of the job, my proven ability to do the job and a lot of hard work to accomplish this. Thank you.

nora powell 1cc

I am Nora Powell and I am running for Coroner of Cedar County. I am currently Deputy Coroner for Dr. Neale, and as he retires, I wish to thank him for his service to this County. I thank him for the opportunity of working with him and the knowledge he has imparted to me.

The Job of Coroner requires knowledge of death scene investigation and to determine if there is a crime involved or if the death is due to natural causes. It requires the knowledge and ability to preserve and protect evidence. A Coroner needs to have the forensic ability and training to determine how a person lost their life. A Coroner needs the training and experience to be able to work with law enforcement, doctors, medical examiners and other professionals.

The family of the deceased have a right to know how the deceased died. There are times that a person dies of natural causes, due to age, or progression of disease. There are deaths due to accident or homicide.

The deceased deserve respect for their earthly remains.

Information gained in the investigation of an accidental death can oft times help to show how to prevent the same accident from happening to another individual.

I have 30 years of training as an investigator. I have worked for the State of Missouri and for Cedar County investigating crimes. I have had the honor of working for Dr. Bill Neale nearly six years as Deputy Coroner and have taken the required training associated with that position.

I would appreciate your support and your vote.

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