Thank you to all our family and friends for the gifts of flowers, food, cards, donations to  High Hope and most importantly love and support during this time of loss.

Thank you to the Church of Christ for the use of their facilities during our luncheon.

A special thank you to Bland Hackleman Funeral Home and especially Brent Bland for the heartfelt service.

The Dortha Fugate Family

e want to thank and express our gratitude to each and everyone for the cars and coming out to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary and being a part of our joyous day.

A special thanks and our love to our children for putting this joyous occasion together. God bless each one.

James and Sharon Goodman

On Friday, Aug. 5, the Cross Country team hosted a pulled pork fundraiser in the Woods parking lot. On behalf of the Cross Country team, we would like to thank everyone who came and supported us.

Thanks to all of the businesses which gave us a shot, by allowing us to deliver to you.

We would like to say thanks to Jason Woods for working with us and letting us use Woods parking lot the last several years to host this event.

Last, but not least, a big thank you to Jeff Witt (Hillbilly Express) for smoking the pulled pork for us. We started this fundraiser with Jeff Witt here at Woods, but he has since moved to the store in Stockton, yet still smokes the meat for us.

The kids take notice and appreciate all of the support. So again, thank you.