I’m guessing you know this lady who helps keep things shining around the hospital — she’s a joy to be around, always friendly and polite – so very kind and willing to lend a helping hand anytime. She grew up in El Do and has two brothers and a sister. She enjoys crafting and is always graciously gifting someone here a cute canvas cross-stitch surprise! She’s a talented lady. Here are some fun facts about Carol –
Favorite color – Blue
Favorite food – Hamburgers and fries
Favorite dessert – Sugar cookies – no icing
Favorite candy – Lifesavers – Hard candy – Fruit flavors
Favorite TV show – Chicago Fire
Favorite movie – “Bird on a Wire”
Favorite book – her reply – “I love ALL books”
Favorite song – “Amazing Grace”
Favorite drink – Coke
Favorite holiday – Christmas
Favorite flower – Carnations – red
Pet peeve – Loud burping in public
Favorite Christmas carol – “Little Drummer Boy”
Favorite vacay destination – “Florida, my sister is there”
Sunrise of sunset – Sunset
Favorite cartoon character – Bugs Bunny
Best dish you can cook – Spaghetti
Favorite animal/pet – Schnauzer
Dream car -”An old style T-Bird with the wings” – Silver
How fast have you ever driven a car -75 mph
And then – Tell something about yourself that most might not know – her reply – “I had a son, Michael, that had some special challenges, I lost him in 1995 – I still miss him”
We appreciate you Carol.

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