Janice Carter, co-founder of the Cedar County High Hopes Cancer Support Group, announced on Friday that the group has been dissolved.  

This group was begun in 1994 by Barbara Pentecost and Janice Carter for the purpose of emotional support for local cancer patients and survivors.  In 1996 the group decided that in some cases monetary help would also be helpful.  

Over the course of the past twenty six years more than 150 cancer survivors have attended the monthly group meetings for support during their cancer journeys.  

Over 130 local and area residents have benefitted from the financial help that the group has been privileged to be able to offer.  Things like gas money to get to and from doctor appointments, help with buying medicines, food vouchers, help with buying needed medical supplies and any other need that insurance doesn’t cover, were all considered and taken care of for local cancer patients.  After all when you are fighting for your life you shouldn’t have to worry about gas to get to treatment or weather you can afford to eat on the trip there. 

Thank you to the community for all of the support that you have offered High Hopes during this time.  Especially to the local Eagles organization who had an annual fundraiser in support of High Hopes, much gratitude.  

High Hopes will no longer be meeting monthly nor will they be accepting any further donations. Once the money currently on accounts at Allison’s Station is depleted, those accounts will be closed and no further funds will be available.  

Janice has stated that she will be retiring from much of her volunteer work and will be concentrating on her family and doing some traveling.

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