by Connie Maupin

The monthly meeting of the Cedar County Historical Society was held Oct. 29 in the Stockton museum. Members in attendance were President Judy Nichols, Vice President Judi Cain, Secretary Connie Maupin, Assistant Treasurer Anna Hopkins, Sharyl Henry, Ellis Benham, Chris Barber, Bob Phillips and guest, Ben Gravely.

President Judy Nichols reviewed museum maintenance fund expenses for October. Bob Phillips gave his historical short story on the subject of Jim Hammons’ family, his murder in 1913 and also commented on the loss of our old school buildings: the most recent being the Alder school which burned to the ground on Aug. 30 due to lightening striking a big tree next to the building.

Any memberships not renewed are now overdue. Letters have been sent. Newsletters and meeting minutes will not be sent to those who have not renewed. Anna Hopkins kindly took care of getting the Walnut Festival quilt to winner Lynn O’Brien

Judy Nichols is still working on a research guide book with local maps, research information, etc. to assist those using our genealogical materials in the museum research room. The Shady Hill Club will hold their meeting in the museum on Nov. 14. President Nichols reported that there have been three more Section 106 filings for rural broadband towers by the FCC this month. That is a total of eight in the last year. None of the locations were deemed to be of any historical importance. A motion was made and carried to acquire a larger safety deposit box as our present one is full to the point of overflowing. Connie Maupin will check with the bank to see what is available and what needs to be done to affect the change.

Members approved the donation of a new cemetery book to the Cedar County Library. Their old one was falling apart.

Donations to the Society: Chris Barber donated a plaque from the Methodist Church listing members who had donated monies for a church organ. Anna Hopkins donated a U.S. Road Atlas for the museum research room. Bob Phillips donated a book entitled Pioneer Preacher of the Ozarks. The books, Old Historical Bridges of Missouri Ozarks by Claud Hoffman and A True Fish Tale with photos, an abstract of Claud Hoffman’s documents and writings were donated by Claud Hoffman.

We are now going into our winter season at the Society. The museum will only be open during our meeting dates on the last Monday of the month from 1 to 4 p.m. as follows: Nov. 26, Closed and no meeting in December, Open Jan. 28, 2019, Feb. 25, and March 25. Museum tours and research can be done by appointment. We will resume our summer hours in April. The exact schedule will be decided at the meeting in March.

Admission to the museum is free, however the Historical Society and museum are not tax funded and operate on donations from the public. Meetings are held in the museum located at 106 West Davis Street in Stockton and are open to the public. Free coffee is provided. The museum is wheelchair accessible. For information, appointments or to purchase publications, call Judy at 417-276-1142. Contact the Society by email at, visit our Facebook page at “Cedar County MO Historical Society” or by mail at P.O. Box 111, Stockton, MO 65785.