by Connie Maupin

The Cedar County Historical Society held the first meeting of the new year on Jan. 27, in the Stockton museum. Members present were President Judy Nichols, Vice-President Judith Cain, Secretary Connie Maupin, Assistant Treasurer Anna Hopkins, Luella Phipps, Sharyl Henry, Chris Barber, Ellis Benham, Clark Montgomery and Bob Phillips.

The meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance recited. The November 2019, minutes were approved. The membership also approved the December, 2019, Treasurer’s report as presented by Assistant Treasurer Anna Hopkins. President Judy Nichols reported on the Museum Maintenance Fund. Members approved.

Bob Phillips gave a quick overview of “A History of the Ozarks” book two by Brooks Blevins. He says this second book has a lot more information about slavery than the first and also makes frequent reference to Cedar County. Bob highly recommends it as a good read for all history buffs.

Judy Nichols is still entertaining the idea of using some of the old jail stone chips and putting a small brass plaque one each stating. “Cedar County Jail 1880-2007” and selling them as souvenirs. We have consulted with member John Maupin who has assured us that any epoxy glue may be used for this project. The project has been put on the back burner for now.

There has been no time to deal with State Archives yet on the 1930 Plat Book. The plat book is online for public viewing.

Several members have searched our research shelves looking for our copy of “Historical Sketches of Cedar County,” but it still has not been located.

The re-typing of the Arnica book has not been accomplished as yet. Anna Hopkins and Judy Nichols have not had the time.

Judy Nichols would like to do a photo collection display in the museum during the Walnut Festival this year. There will be some expense involved to mount photos and build frames. She will calculate the cost of building versus buying pre-made metal racks wholesale and will present figures to members as time allows.

Just as a point of interest Nancy Smith’s vintage home is being remodeled and should make a nice B&B when completed. Nancy was a long-time member of the Society and passed-away in 2016.

Julie Zibert with MODOT emailed Judy Nichols to see if the society had received the new corrected copy of the County Map. We have not, so Julie will be checking on it.

Judy Nichols, with permission of the Board, has purchased two surplus plat books, 1876 Jasper County and 1912 Christian County, from Polk County Genealogy.

With Board permission Judy has purchased a good used display case for the museum. She and her husband picked it up in El Dorado Springs and brought it to the museum.

Judy Nichols met with Miles Brite of the Cedar County Republican to discuss the 175th Anniversary of Cedar County for a news story to appear in the paper the week of Feb. 14, and also gave him a tour of the museum. She reported it was a very productive meeting.

In the Oct. 16, copy of the Cedar County Republican, Jim Allison, Assistant Chief of the Chapel Hills Fire Department, stated he planned to donate the Omer church book and some funeral pieces to the CCHS later in the month. The fire department burned the old dilapidated church house for the owners. Mr. Allison came during our meeting with his donations, listed below.

The Missouri State Archives advised that the Death Certificate Database has been updated to 1969 in the Mo. Digital Heritage records archives at the website. The site still has “1968” at the top, so they are apparently not completely finished with the project so it is hit-and-miss.

The 2020 U.S. Census is scheduled to start soon. Judy Nichols was asked to remind everyone that we need the census for future generations for genealogy, gaining the right number of U.S. Representatives for our state, federal and state dollars to help fund infrastructure, roads and bridges, healthcare, schools, etc. Please keep all of this in mind and do your part by filling out your census form and promptly returning.

It isn’t too early to start collecting donations for our garage sale this Spring. Items need to be in good condition and clean. Shoes and clothing will only be accepted if they are in original packages or have tags and are unused. We often think that an item will only bring a dollar or less, but that change adds up. So, don’t be shy about bringing those items as well. Contact Judy Nichols at 417-276-1142 for information.

Donations: Jim Allison – several Cantlon Funeral Home fans, one Hymn book, one Sunday school lesson book and a hat that belonged to his dad that has “Hayden’s Dry Goods” stamped inside.

Ellis Benham – a vintage book stapler.

The next monthly meeting will be Feb. 24, at 1 p.m. in the museum. The museum is open during monthly meetings and will resume bi-monthly open hours in April. Admission to the museum is free, however the Historical Society and museum are not tax funded and operate on donations from the public. Meetings are open to the public and free coffee is provided. The museum is wheel chair accessible. For information, appointments or to purchase publications, call 417-276-1142. Contact the Society by email at, visit our Facebook page at “Cedar County Mo Historical Society” or by mail at P.O. Box 111, Stockton, MO 65785.