by Connie Maupin

The Oct. 20, meeting of the Cedar Count Historical Society meeting was called to order by President Judy Nichols.

Members present were: President Judy Nichols, Vice President Bob Phillips, Treasurer Kay Snow, Assistant Treasurer Shirley Potts, Interim Secretary Connie Maupin, Luella Phipps, Sharyl Henry, Marcie Haralson, Kenneth Potts and Chris Barber. Visitors were Arlin Cargill and Jane Williamson.

Vice President Bob Phillips reported that he has two people willing to give programs: Erin Smither from the Missouri State Historical Society office, located at Missouri State University in Springfield and Daniel Keith who gives a program on the battle flags of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. It was decided not to schedule any programs until spring.

Best Choice barcodes and ink cartridges need to be packaged and shipped for refund. Connie Maupin will check with companies who have donated in the past and see if they have any more for us.

Shelving from the Fair Play library will be picked up as soon as transportation can be arranged. Judy Nichols reported that the Walnut Festival proceeds were not as high as in past years. The Lutheran Church craft sale will be on Nov. 12 was discussed and it was decided we will not participate this year.

An online board meeting was held on Oct. 5. Connie Maupin was elected as interim secretary to assist Kathy Smith. Kathy will retain her position as secretary until July 31, 2017, and her position on the board. Connie will retain the position of interim secretary until July 31, 2017, and will have a position on the board. It will be necessary to address in the next annual meeting whether or not to retain the position of interim secretary or create an assistant secretarial position.

It was decided that another board meeting will not be necessary before January 2017. Leslie James will hold a grant information program in our museum on Nov. 17 on how to apply for grants. Ten to 20 people are expected to attend including city and county officials and members of various historical societies from other counties. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and last approximately 11⁄2 hours. Judy suggested that since this is the date of our monthly meeting we could hold it at 1:00 p.m. following the grant program. This would allow any of those who attend the grant meeting who might wish to stay over for our society meeting to do so. A motion was made and passed to accept this suggestion.

Members discussed the need to reprint Historical Sketches of Cedar County. Members discussed reprinting Lyceum Series: Cedar County and the Civil War book as we only have one left. Luella Phipps very kindly brought us an invitation to her 90th birthday celebration on Nov. 13, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Church of God Holiness, 1607 South Park, El Dorado Springs.

Kay Snow brought some material on Spooky Springs donated by Gail Teague to be placed in our Spooky Springs notebook. Arlin Cargill donated a bamboo fan from Jackson Dry Goods and a bread knife from Stockton Roller Mill. Luella Phipps donated various newspaper clippings including some on Caplinger Mills and Arnica, Cedar County people, Stockton rural schools, weddings and anniversaries and family reunions. Marcie Haralson donated three plates; one court house, one town spring and a 1970’s commemorative plate. Judy reported receiving an offer of the donation of an old file cabinet that had once been used in the courthouse. A motion was made and passed to allow Judy to decide whether or not to accept it. Chris Barber donated two Missouri Telephone Company pencils.

Our next meeting will begin at 1 p.m. Thursday, Nov 17. in our museum at 106 West Davis in Stockton. Our meetings are open to the public. Our museum and research area hours have changed to our winter schedule. We will be open by appointment. For information or for our publications, call Judy at 417/276-7092 or Shirley at 417/276-3337. Contact us online at, E-Mail at or by mail at P.O. Box 111, Stockton, MO 65785.

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