EHS High School Class of 1943 members met at the Cedar House Grill for their 73rd class reunion of Sept. 18, 2016. Everyone signed the guest book and  put on name tags.

The meeting came to order at 12:30 p.m. Attending were six member and three guests.

Members were: Betty Gordon, Pauline Hlavacek, Emily E. Farmer, Gene Lowe, Gene Dale and Jim Conner.

Guests were: Dorothy Dale, wife of Gene Dale, Tish Nigh, daughter of Emily Farmer and Rosalie Handly, friend of Gene Lowe.

The blessing was asked by Pauline Hlavacek.

A delicious buffet luncheon was enjoyed by all attendees during which visiting and general announcements were passed around.

After lunch, Pauline conducted a short meeting, during which she read the minutes of the last meeting held on Sept. 23, 2014. She kept minutes of this meeting as it progressed.

It was decided to meet again in 2017 in September at the Cedar House Grill at the same time, if possible.

During the meeting, a moment of silent prayer was offered for our fallen members, a ritual we have maintained through the years. Meeting was adjourned.


Five of the written members were unable to attend due to health problems or other reasons. Five letters were returned by the Post Office due to being unable to forward.

Jim Conner, reporting

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