The Coale, Burrus, James, Conner annual family reunion was held Sunday, Sept. 25, at the El Dorado Springs Community Center. As the families gathered, an abundance of food was spread on the tables. The crowd was a little smaller than usual, but all those in attendance seemed to enjoy both the food and the visiting. Attendence: 45

The business meeting was called to order after dinner by Jeff Hubbard. Hosting the event this year was Jeff and his wife, Cheryl, and Rick and Colleen Coale. Basket was passed for donations to pay for incurred expenses.

It was decided that next year’s event would be held on Sunday, Sept. 24,2023 at the same time (noon) and place (El Dorado Springs Community Center). Hosts will be Rick and Colleen Coale and Cindy and Doug Webb.

Births since last year include:

Wesley Ryan McCandless (Coale family) 9-29-2021; Scarlett Jo Webb (Coale family) 5-27-22

Deaths reported since last year include:

Dick Aired, husband of Jennifer Miller (Coale family)

Announcements of birth additions for next year include:

Joanna and Josh Stattman in December 2022 (Coale family); Emma and Denver Beachy in January 2023 (Coale and Burrus family)

Announcements of weddings in the next year include:

Faira Fischer and Mitchell LaGue in January 2023 (Coale family); Shayla Coale and Gavin Gatzemeyer in June 2023 (Coale family)

The youngest child in attendence at the reunion was Levi Beachy, l y r (Coale and Burrus family)

The oldest person attending was Ron Hubbard, 85yr (Coale family)

Musical performances were enjoyed by the crowd:

Ron Hubbard, vocal; Rylan Eason, guitar and harmony; Isaac Hubbard, piano; Kate Hubbard, piano; Grace Hubbard, piano; Ryeder Dunagan and Janice Rice, piano duet

Door prizes included homemade apple butter, candy, and fall decor.

Names drawn were Grace Hubbard, Levi Beachy, Cheryl Hubbard, Doug Webb, Elora Eason, Kenny Hubbard, Shayla Coale, Rick Coale, Rylan Hubbard, Dena Coale, Kristin Eason, Tristan Broyles and Sherry Livengood Rogers. Candy gift bags were given to all the children under the age of 12yr.

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