The 34th annual Dederick reunion was held on Sunday, July 21, 2019. at the Dederick Christian church with 37 people in attendance. Debbie Vickers led the group in singing the National Anthem and Richard Watkins asked the blessing. A delicious lunch was enjoyed by all. After the meal, Tim Bartkoski had everyone present introduce themselves and tell how they’re connected to Dederick. Lots of interesting stories and comments. It was suggested that we continue the reunion, even though attendance is down.

Those attending were: from El Dorado Springs were- Edward Bartkoski, Kyle and Debbie Vickers, Wilda Hall, Becky and Kevin Collins, Tim Bartkoski, Gene Dale, Eileen Gooden, David and Jodi Cauthon; from Dederick- Kyle Collins, Rayleine Metcalf and Lorri Terry; From Harwood – Gary and Shirley Vickers and Melissa Gooden; From Milo – Larry,Belinda Jr. and TanDra Turner; From Springfield – Pat Many and Karlee Snider; From K.C. – Donna and Richard Watkins, Lesha Davis, Donna Davis and Angela Vann; From Rogers, AR – Kathy Eslinger Swadley, Carl Swadley, Lura Lee Eslinger and Ricci Heintz; From San Antonio. TX – Dave Cauthon; From Phoenix. AZ – Randy and Cathy Cauthon; From Twin Falls. ID -Tina Bristoe; From Grand Junction CO – Barbara Jessup.

Six states were represented this year. We really thank the Dederick Christian Church for the generous use of their building. We hope to see everyone again next year on the Sunday after the El Dorado Springs Picnic.

GENE DALE HOLDS FLAG AT DEDERICK REUNION – The highlight of the 2019 Dederick Reunion was when WWII veteran Gene Dale, 94, was asked to hold the American flag for the pledge but told us he couldn’t stand. Gary Vickers told him to stay seated and put the flagpole on his chair and just hold it up straight. As we started the pledge, Gene tried to get to his feet. With a little help he was standing up holding the flag high. It was difficult for him but he held the flag high through the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. Gary Vickers told the crowd, “I was so proud it brought tears to my eyes. He worked hard to put that flag high 70 years ago, and it wasn’t easy to do today either” .He got a big round of applause. Great job, Gene. Everyone there should be proud that they got to stand along side of this great American.