If you haven’t yet been by the garden site at 111 W. Fields Blvd in El Dorado Springs, make that a must next time you are in town. There’s a lot going on both in the garden and behind the scenes.

Patrick Davis and his Cedar County MU Extension group voted to give us $673.93 to use for the garden. This was such great news because it means that we can now purchase the wood for the raised beds and buy other items we will need this Fall such as landscape fabric for pathways between the beds and for three apple trees and a few berry bushes which we would like to get in the ground as early as possible. Our deepest thanks to Patrick, Heather and the MU Council.

Also, on Monday, 9-24-18, the El Dorado Springs City Council voted to grant an extension of the Land Use Agreement to 11-2021, giving us a full three years to make the garden a success. We are thankful for this additional time.

Jill Chapman, Ag teacher at EHS, has her class working on a prototype raised bed to see how that will work and look before building the other eleven. They also donated and planted nine beautiful mums in the flowerbeds on the south side of the site. They are a lovely addition to the other perennials which our group brought from our own gardens and planted a few weeks ago. These two beds will be beautiful next spring and summer.

Our commitment to the City of El Dorado Springs is that the garden not only be functional and productive, but that it becomes an attractive oasis in our city.

We still need money and are applying for two grants, one with Wal-Mart and the other with the Community Foundation. But since we can’t be assured of the funds or when we might have them, we need everyone to consider making a donation to the cause, no matter how small it is.

Also, bagged leaves can be left at the site, on the north alleyway. These will be very important when we begin to fill the raised beds to get them ready for planting next spring. Anyone having manure that can be bagged and left at the site may do so and we will be grateful. Also, some of us in the garden group could come to your place and get the dried manure if that would work.

As you can tell, we are very greedy at this time with a lot of needs. Rather, we should say our garden is greedy and needy. Volunteers are very important and will be critical to the success of the garden. You may volunteer for just an hour or two each week or do whatever your own personal schedule permits. You may also work at whatever task suits you best, whether that be tending your own garden plot, helping others with theirs, or helping in the common areas.

We have a children’s garden planned in the future, too.

So, lots going on with us. Call 417-321-0216 if you are interested in volunteering or donating. If you wish to donate we will have a table at the Farmer’s Market on Oct. 13 or you can make your check out to ESCGA, mail it to 122 Hightower, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744 and you can be assured the money will be wisely allocated.

We are also on FaceBook under El Dorado Springs Community Garden Association. Jill Chapman and Christin Tapp are the administrators of the page. Our Motto is: “Come Grow With Us.”

We hope to see you.

El Dorado Springs Community Garden Association

Dr. Sharon West Lansing, Director