Board member Katie McGee attempted to verbally spar with board member Harold Fugate over the use of time to discuss various aspects of the meeting. McGee was late getting to meeting and said she didn’t want to be there. She said she was done with bickering and fighting.

The meeting which was on Wed. Nov. 15, was just about an hour long. Fugate asked specific questions about the financial report and McGee told him that he should have done his homework and asked CEO Carla Gilbert before the board meeting. Each board member gets their “board packet” a few days before the meeting.

Earlier in the evening there was discussion of a board policy regarding public comments. Fugate said he had a letter from the attorney general of the State of Missouri regarding that subject. It was pointed out that the adopted policy was about public comments and the attorney general’s letter addressed the Sunshine law.

The Sun asked the hospital on Nov. 16 about the letter and was told that even though the hospital had not received their official copy of the letter at that time, they were beginning to collect the information requested.

The board reviewed medical staff credentialing before going over the financial statements.

They moved to go into executive session. There has been no report from that session.

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