LOCAL GIRL OFFERS BEEF STICKS – Tough time to be starting a business but Kraysen Leonard knows that people still want snacks.

Kraysen’s FFA project has a “Farm-to-Table” approach or maybe a “Farm-to-Snack” approach.  Kraysen purchased her first black and red Angus calves from a family friend over a year ago. Her goal was not to add hormones or antibiotics to her animals to keep them as organic as possible. Kraysen had a desire to use the whole steer not the off-cuts from the beef.  “Why not a sirloin steak cut in a beef stick.” suggested Kraysen. Most companies use the non-expensive cuts of the beef however,  Kraysen wanted to have a taste like no other beef stick on the market. Knowing that would be more difficult to separate her product from the other competitors she knew by using the better cuts it put her one step ahead of the game. Through trial and error of different flavors and using her family taste buds they all decided on one. Next, she wanted a marketing plan that would be different and something that would be pleasing to the eye. When looking into this she realized that most beef sticks were geared towards the “male world” with wrestlers and cowboys selling the product. So she decided on an old fashion southern girl with her childhood name given to her from her uncle, “Poozie”.  Just adding a Miss to it and “Miss Poozie’s”  Old Fashion Smoked Meats were born.  Local businesses will be selling her product with more flavors coming, so be on the lookout for Miss Poozie’s beef sticks grown right here in Cedar county. (US inspected/passed by Dept.  of Agriculture).