Community Springs received these memorial benches in memory of Galen Gazaway and Dewey & Lois Arnold, from Becky Gazaway and her family.

Galen Gazaway wrote, “In Dad’s final stages of life, we had some serious conversations about what we wanted to do to remember him. After spending countless hours at the nursing home, an idea was suggested that we get a bench in memory of him. We first thought we would add additional benches to what was already at the nursing home, but we soon found out that the benches they had were in terrible shape and were unsafe to use. Our idea grew even bigger with this information and we were able to add a second bench to honor my grandparents, Dewey and Lois Arnold, who both spent time in that nursing home. The nursing home administration, staff, and employees are wonderful and have always taken care of us.” These benches will be there for many many many years to come. Everyone there loved my Dad and Grandparents. Now residents and employees alike can benefit from the benches and spending some time outdoors under the new awning! I can’t wait to see them used and see Dad and my Grandparents legacy continue.

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