G 0-6 2cc

0-3 month girls – 1st place Raven Cretel; 2nd place Ryli Langford and 3rd place Annlynn Barger.

G 4-7 2cc

4-7 month girls – 1st place Alex Todd; 2nd place Kaylin Dintaman and 3rd place Madeline Vinson.

G 8-11 2cc

8-11 month girls – 1st place Moriah Bingham; 2nd place Kaylene Dutcher and 3rd place Zella Helm.

G 12-15 2cc

12-15 month girls – 1st place Alena Rhoades; 2nd place Angel Phelps and 3rd place Makenzie Bonnet.

G 16-19 2cc

16-19 month girls – 1st place Chesni Flagg; 2nd place Addison Hamm and 3rd place Marley Otte.

G 20-24 2cc

20-24 month girls – 1st place Allie Thornton; 2nd place Jorja Rotert and 3rd place Isabella Cameron.

B 0-6 2cc

0-3 month boys – 1st place Hudson Nielsen; 2nd place Dawson Rogers and 3rd place T’Lenn Gripka

B 4-7 2cc

4-7 month boys – 1st place Henry Hieserman; 2nd place Mitchum Janes and 3rd place Bo Fletcher.

B 8-11 2cc

8-11 month boys – 1st place Corbin Mott; 2nd place Kael McGatha and 3rd place Alex Cauthon.

B 12-15 2cc

12-15 month boys – 1st place Brycen Daniels; 2nd place Conley Cry and 3rd place Harrison Friar.

B 16-19 2cc

16-19 month boys – 1st place Jaxon Overton; 2nd place Kale Lundy and 3rd place Braxton Trussell.

B 20-24 2cc

20-24 month boys – 1st place James Hooks; 2nd place Mason Nielsen and 3rd place Mark Scott.