Rick Casey, DO

Q:  My granddaughter was diagnosed with scabies and I baby-sit her.  Can I get it?

A:  Yes. Scabies is a skin problem that can cause severe itching. It is caused by tiny bugs that dig under the skin and lay eggs. The allergic reaction to the mites causes the itching. It is spread by person-to-person contact. You can also get it from towels, clothes and bedding. Even after the treatment, it may itch for several weeks. After you treat it, you need to wash all the bedding and clothes that may have been in contact three days before you started treatment, using hot water and the hot cycle in the dryer. Another option is to seal them in a plastic bag for a week.  Antihistamines help stop the itching. As my grandma used to say (and she was always right) a handful of oatmeal ground to powder in the bath helps.

Rick Casey, DO

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