Q: I am tired all the time. I never want to get out of my chair. What can I do?

A: Now, that is a complaint that I do hear frequently. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or lack of energy.

You can feel fatigue is you get too much or not enough exercise. I can come from stress, lack of sleeping, boredom or poor diet. Many medical problems such as infection can cause fatigue. Depression and other emotional problems are common causes.

Usually fatigue is a symptom of another problem. There are many of those and I will write more about those problems in the coming weeks. There are too many to go over them today. If depression or anxiety is the cause, that also needs to be addressed.

It helps to get regular exercise. But don’t overdo it. Get rest, change your diet, don’t skip meals, reduce caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

Go over medicines with your doctor to make sure none of them are causing fatigue.

Dr. Rick Casey

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