by Beverly Sullins, alumni president

Rich Hill’s annual alumni banquet was held on Saturday evening at the new Community Dome.  Approximately 160 people attended.  Our theme this year was “RHHS The Heart of Our Education.”  Tables were decorated with crape paper, arrangements in glass bowls with hearts, programs with streamers all in our school colors of cardinal red and royal blue.

Master of Ceremonies, Randy Bell, welcomed all the alumni and guests who stood and gave the pledge of allegiance. Don Swope gave the prayer, following the boys of the Youth Development Center under the direction of Clayson Lyons served all the alumni and their guests a delicious meal at their tables.

After the meal Natalie Hoeper talked to everyone concerning the movement taking place to put and keep the old high school in repair for being used as a community building.

Then came the fun time of the roll call of classes.  Oldest ladies present were Marion (Wheatley) Eikenbary class of 1938 and Evelyn (Schooley) Stevener class of 1939 the oldest gentleman was Bruce Buhr class of 1942. Others present from the 1940’s were:  Wanda (Shoemaker) Ebert-’43, Forrest Wheatley-’47, and Melvin Walbridge-’47.  The class of 1946 held their 70th reunion and present were: Robert White, Dorothy (Cross) Robinson, Louise (Spratt) Brown and Walter Murdock.  Other classes holding reunions were: 60 years-1956, 55 years-1961, 50 years-1966, and 45 years-1971.  After finishing the roll call Randy welcomed the Class of 2016.  Desiree Ferguson was the only senior present. She accepted for the class and thanked the alumni for helping her on her trip to California to the National FCCLA event, where she will be presenting her program on Anti-bullying.

Beverly Sullins presented the service in Memory of the Departed.  Our group lost approximately 20 member this year that we were made aware of.

Our teacher’s hall of fame award was presented to Bob Schyler, retired RHHS Art teacher.  This award was presented by two of his former students, Rita McGuire and Tom Deems.

Having no further business Randy closed the 128th Annual Alumni meeting and all stood and sang the school song.  Many stayed, visited, enjoyed the display tables and ate ice-cream.  All departed with the hopes of seeing each other again next year.

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