Rodger Culbertson, Line Superintendent for Sac Osage Electric Cooperative, has retired after 42 years. He began working as a tree trimmer on the brush crew and ended his career in the highest operation management position in the cooperative. After his hard work, dedication and knowledge he was promoted to Line Superintendent in 2011. He has survived everything Mother Nature has thrown at him, working long days and at times through the night. There were ice storms, heavy snow, tornadoes and the one thing he worried most about was the safety of the lineman out there working to restore the members’ power during those storms. He has survived the ups and downs of climbing poles-bad backs, bad knees, strained neck and shoulders and toughened hands.

There was a lot of work and a lot of learning that went on at the Cooperative over the years along with having fun with his co-workers. “They could work hard and still have fun doing it,” Rodger said. He enjoyed his work enough to do it long after most of us had called it a day. He was dedicated, an excellent worker and the type of guy who took care of the system and the members.

During his retirement he is going to enjoy spending time with his three grandkids, family, fishing and taking care of his cattle. His many years of experience will be greatly missed by the Cooperative, but we are glad to see him with the time to enjoy life at a slower pace and do the things he truly loves.