– Fresh produce should be clean, look fresh, have no cuts or nicks, and be displayed off the ground or floor.

– Cut or peeled produce should be on or surrounded by ice and look fresh and cold.

– Meat, eggs and cheeses should be in a cooler or on ice. Packages must feel cold. Egg cartons should be clean and eggs not cracked.

– Milk should be pasteurized for safety. Ask vendor to confirm.

– Canned fruits and vegetables should be processed appropriately for the type of product. Ask vendor how they were handled and prepared.

– Hot prepared foods should have a lid and be warm enough that you can see steam rising from the pan. Preferably, you should see vendors using a thermometer to check food temperature.

You also want to make sure your food stays safe on the way home:

– Keep raw meat separate from other foods.

– Make the market your last stop before going home.

– Use a cooler or insulated bags, especially if it takes more than an hour to get home.

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