The El Dorado Springs Special Road District board held its November meeting Tuesday evening, Nov. 29, in the district headquarters on South First Street.

Present were board members Lalan Cole and Ron Swopes. Mike Bush was not present.

Also in attendance were the bookkeepers, Linda Breeden and the district employee, Carl Swager.

The board approved the payment of bills totaling $1,482.12 of which $123.98 was to the City of El Dorado Springs for 25% of tax receipts.

The board reviewed the list of district equipment for the insurance policy. They will pay that bill at the next meeting.

The district has $203,385 in the bank. Expenses were low this year because they didn’t purchase any road oil or equipment. They carried over oil from the previous year because rains set in after Swager ordered road oil and they couldn’t use it.

This year they had enough oil to chip and seal where it was needed. They also put down some cold mix.

Swager reported that he and his helper, Steve Woody, are cutting brush, mowing and “waiting for snow.”

The next meeting will begin about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 27, in the district headquarters.