Here’s a recent note received from Angel Merz, a Cedar County Memorial Hospital patient – to our CCMH Physical Therapy Department – great testimonial…

To – Austin – CCMH Physical Therapy Department

“I came to the Cedar County Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Department through a referral after an appointment with CCMH Specialty Clinic Pain Management Dr. Scott Kaul, CRNA—-who evaluated me for severe low back pain I have endured for decades.

Physical Therapists Sara Seitz, MPT and Dr. Austin Gibbs, DPT taught me exercises and gave hands-on treatments that resulted in significantly reducing my pain and allowed me to return to nearly pain-free walking, increased my ability to ride a stationary bike and enabled me to now live my life again much more comfortably.

Because of the CCMH Rehab Department, I have avoided having surgery on my back at this point in my life. I would highly recommend the Physical Therapy Department at CCMH to anyone suffering from debilitating back pain. The difference is remarkable and the results manageable with the instructions given and plan implemented by the team. I am forever grateful.” – Angel Merz

Our CCMH Physical Therapy Team is here to serve you –

“If you, a friend, or family member are experiencing pain, weakness, or difficulties performing your usual daily activities, ask your doctor if Physical/ Occupational Therapy at CCMH could be right for you. It would be our honor to help guide you in regaining your function and help reach your goals. And, so glad we were able to help Angel.” – Dr. Austin Gibbs, DPT