We wish to thank all for the cards, letters, visits and phone calls to wish Norma and me a happy 68th wedding anniversary which was Sunday June 5. Thank you.

Orville and Norma Taylor

A great big thank you to all who spent time at Clintonville Cemetery receiving donations.

Thank you to all who donated.

Cemetery Board

The family of Stanley Zink would like to thank neighbors, friends and family for all their acts of kindness, prayers, visits, flowers and food during the passing of our husband, father, and friend.

Thanks to Rick for mowing my yard, Susie for feeding my cat. Margie for going to the ER with us, to the guys taking me to Cox South, to the doctor and nurses for the care I received, the VFW gals, my grandson who spent two days while I was in Cox. Thanks to everyone.

Dorothy Kramer

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