TOPS Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs met in the Church of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Kay gave the program today on Top 10 ways to keep your TOPS chapter active and fun. She said we already do a lot of these things.

Get everyone involved.

Have a tasting party.

Have everyone bring an ingredient for a salad.

Do a food drive at the end of the year. (Donate to the food pantry).

Have different people do the programs.

Have a guest speaker.

Have a competition by creating a scavenger hunt.

Award beyond weight loss, exercise, participating in a walk/run event, keeping food chart and so on.

Have everyone set a small healthy goal before next meeting (we just did with the Thanksgiving challenge)

Pair up members for contests.

Robbie presented the chapter with a Thanksgiving challenge.

Starting with the Nov. 22 weigh-in if a member loses 2 lbs. in nine days (at the weigh-in Dec. 1) they will receive free dues for one month. KOPS must be at goal or two pounds below goal on the Dec. 1 weigh in. KOPS prize will be determined later by Robbie.

Robbie opened the meeting and Kay led us in singing “TOPS-KOPS” song.

Robbie led us in roll call. We welcomed new member Emily S to our group. Emily could not stay this morning as she had to take her baby home for feeding time. She hopes to be able to stay for the meeting in the future.

We welcomed Dorothy back after her long illness; it is good to see her back and looking healthy.

Thirty members weighed in today and the chapter had a net loss of 12.8 lbs. Best loser was Verna with a 6.4 lb loss.

Marilyn caught up on some awards. Before the meeting she presented Melanie S with her two-year KOPS certificate and charm. Carolyn received her back in black with perfect attendance certificate and Jan received her back in black with perfect attendance.

Robbie reminded us dues are due.

Robbie presented the chapter with a Thanksgiving challenge.

Marble game: Marilyn won the right to draw the marble but drew an orange one.

We sang Happy Birthday to Robbie.

Fall Rally: Sharon reported we made $213 on the baskets, snowman and ornaments we took. Everyone reported a good time and enjoyed the food, skit and speaker and thought it was a lot of fun. The speaker was Sue Craig, Missouri Queen Runner up from Neosho. She gave a very motivational speech

Robbie asked us to think about hosting fall rally next year. No information on date, theme or anything else, just something to think about.

Warren reported on the contest. Those in the lead for TOPS are Chris, Susan, Sandi and Kay. KOPS; Marilyn is in the lead.

We welcome anyone who is interested in learning about a healthy lifestyle. We welcome women and men of all ages. We encourage healthy eating and offer support through our chapter and the National Chapter of TOPS. We have a lot of fun in our weight loss journey and make lifelong friendships. First visit is free with no obligation. Membership and dues are very inexpensive.

For more information, call Robbie Chase at 417-876-0233 or Juda at 876-4888. Or TOPS toll free number 1 800-932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.

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