Program to Honor Lillian Sunderwirth This Coming Friday

Your Municipal Band would love to have you come out to hear the concert in honor of Miss Lillian this coming Friday. We will play some of her favorite songs and one song she would have loved if we had had it when she was still with us.
Come on out every Friday and Saturday evening from 8 to 9 p.m. and Sunday afternoon from 2 to 3 to hear a concert just for you!!
We look forward to playing some songs we hope you like!
Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Friday, June 24

*In Memory of Lillian Sunderwirth
1 The Band Played On
2 March Religioso
3 Bugler’s Holiday
4 A Night in June
5 Holy City
6 Trombones Triumphant
7 Barnum & Bailey
8 Billy Sunday’s Successful Songs
9 Them Basses
10 Washington Post
11 Pie in the Face Polka
12 Missouri Waltz
13 God Bless America

Saturday, June 25

1 Basin Street Blues
2 Holzauction
3 The 552nd
4 Hostrauser’s March
5 Polka
6 Kansas City
7 Gate City
8 Horn Choice
9 United Nations
10 Torch of Liberty
11 College Life
12 Indiana State Band
13 God Bless America

Sunday, June 26

1 Saints Go Marching In
2 God of Our Fathers
3 Night Flight
4 The Billboard March
5 Bombardier
6 Sells Floto Triumphal
7 Yankee Doodle Polka
8 Percussion Choice
9 Marching to Pretoria
10 You are my Sunshine
11 Knock on Wood
12 Crusader’s Hymn
13 God Bless America
14 Star Spangled Banner

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