Municipal Band to Play Memorial Concert for Mark Koca

As you know, Mark Koca, who played in the Municipal Band for over 40 years, passed away this spring.
We will play a memorial concert in his honor this Saturday evening at 8 pm. His family has chosen music that Mark enjoyed playing and listening to. It is their hope that the Park will be full of people whose lives were impacted and touched by Mark.
Additionally, a scholarship has been set up through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks to benefit people in our community. If anyone is interested in making a donation to this fund, it can be done Saturday night at a table supplied by the family or donations can be made online at
Come join us as we celebrate Mark Koca this Saturday evening at 8 pm. The Band also plays concerts Friday evening from 8 to 9 and Sunday afternoon from 2 to 3. We would love to play for you!
Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Friday, July 15

1 Battle Cry of Freedom
2 Father of Victory
3 Pasadena Day
4 Black Jack
5 Silver Jubilee
6 I Left Heart San Francisco
7 Back in the Saddle Again
8 Tenor Sax Choice
9 Marche Lorraine
10 Invercargill
11 Colonel Bogey
12 Ramblin’ Rose
13 Beer Barrel Polka
14 God Bless America

Saturday, July 16
*Memorial Concert for Mark Koca
1 Disney at the Movies
2 Can’t Help Falling in Love
3 Sky Pilot
4 Trumpeter’s Lullaby
5 Solvejg’s Song
6 Carnival of Roses
7 Rakes of Mallow
8 Blue Moon
9 Billy Sunday’s Successful Songs
10 Lion King
11 Salute to Victor Herbert
12 Polar Express
13 God Bless America-No Vocalist
14 Star Spangled Banner-No Vocalist

Sunday, July 17
1 Christ the Lord is Risen Today
2 Indiana State Band
3 Zacatecas
4 High School Cadets
5 Bay State
6 El Capitan
7 King Cotton
8 Holzauction
9 Ny Fiskar
10 Blue Book
11 Kansas City
12 In My Merry Oldsmobile (D14)
13 God Bless America
14 Star Spangled Banner