TOPS Chapter 319 El Dorado Springs (Take Off pounds Sensibly) met in the Church Of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Sept. 1.

Our leader, Robbie, opened the meeting. Kay led us in singing “Hand In Hand.”

Twenty-seven members weighed in today. Angie was our week’s best loser with a loss of 5.2 lbs. Congratulations Angie for a second week in a row, way to go Angie.

Last month the chapter voted for each member to donate money to the Senior Center on a voluntary basis. The chapter would match whatever amount was donated by members. At the end of the month members had donated $300. A check in the amount of $600 was presented to the Senior Center today.

Marilyn presented the awards for the month of August today.

She said the chapter had a net loss for the month of August of 5.8 lbs.

A name was drawn from the list of members with perfect attendance and Nikki won free dues for one month.

Juanita was the month’s best loser with a loss of 9.2 lbs. Juanita won $4.76 for her efforts.

Sandi received a certificate and charm for 20 lb. loss.

Marilyn presented Juda W with a certificate and charm for her 20 lb. loss and a certificate for her 25 lb loss.

Marilyn said all KOPS are in leeway this month. KOPS with lowest weight this year are Melanie, Jean, Sharon and Dorothy.

Thanks to Marilyn and Carol for all their hard work in keeping records of the weights.

Warren reported on the new contest. So far 16 have signed up. This looks like it will be a fun contest kind of like fantasy football.

Robbie reminded us we must pay our $15 registration fee for Fall Rally before Sept. 15.

Sue C got the chance to draw for a marble but she got the green one.

Judy K. will have the program next week. She is doing a Tasting Program and asks each member bring a low calorie, low fat dish that is their “go to” recipe for weight loss. Along with the dish, they are to bring a typed recipe for it and Judy will make up a recipe book. Members do not need to bring a large amount just enough for everyone to get a taste.

We welcome anyone who is interested in losing weight. That includes men, women, teenagers and even children above the age of seven. We encourage and reward losses even as small as .2 of a pound. We kid a lot about that awful .2 especially when it is a gain. We do not shame you if you gain but help you explore what you might do to have a loss the next week. We have a lot of fun in the process. Today is the first day of the rest of your life as the saying goes so it is a good day to make a life changing decision. We often remind ourselves that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We are here to help you break the cycle and have fun doing it. Please consider joining us.

For more information call Robbie Chase at 417/876-0233, Juda at 876-4888, TOPS toll free number 1 800/932-8677 or you can find us on the web at Come and join us.

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