Tops Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) met in the Bethel Free Will Church, 1300 S Summer St El Dorado Springs, on Thursday, Oct. 29, for their weekly weigh-in and meeting.

Linda Hall, Co-Leader, called the meeting to order. Susan, our leader was sick today.

Carol led us in singing “To TOPS Club We Will Go”.

We said our TOPS and KOPS Pledges.

Linda led us in roll call. Eighteen members weighed in this week. We had a 10.2 loss and a 1.8 gain resulting in a net loss of 8.4. Margie and Robbie tied for the week’s best loser. Robbie lost 3.2 over a two-week period for an average of 1.6. Margie lost 1.6 for the week. It was noted 11 out of the 18 weighing in today had a loss or if KOPS were below goal.

Linda turned the floor over to Robbie who had the program today. She spoke on Mindless eating, taking her information from the TOPS Book “The Choice Is Mine.” Most of us are guilty of mindless eating. Never tell yourself you can never ever have a favorite food such as chocolate.  If you do you will crave it till you cave in and overindulge. Instead, if you start craving your favorite food, have a small amount. Serve yourself on a pretty plate and enjoy every morsel of it, count it in your calorie intake for the day.

Why do we over eat food that does not even taste that good? Be a picky eater.

Remember, it is not what we eat but how much we eat.

Do we have someone that sabotages us? Perhaps even that person in the mirror you see each morning.

Get smaller plates, serve yourself small helpings and stop with one helping.

Thank you, Robbie, for a great program.

Marble game: Linda C won the right to draw but did not get the winning one. The pot is at $33.50.

December Christmas Party. No decision was made last week on having a Christmas party. Linda opened it for discussion. LJ made a motion to have a Christmas Party on Thursday, Dec. 10. Carol 2nd and motion passed. It will be the gift exchange, gift of around $10. Bring “Brunch” snacks and remember we are a weight loss club.

Remember: next week double fines.

TOPS #MO 9319 meets each Thursday morning starting at 8:45 a.m. We are temporarily meeting in the Bethel Free Will Church, 1300 S Summer, El Dorado Springs. We welcome women and men of all ages and couples are encouraged to join. We are a support group that encourages healthy weight loss. TOPS is an international group that provides support at a local level with chapters like ours or you can join online.  First visit is free with no obligation.

For more information, call Susan Sandel at 417 351 2388, Linda Hall at 417 876 7404, TOPS toll-free number 1 800-932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.