Susan called our meeting to order and asked our Song Leader, Carol, to lead us in a song. Carol chose the song: My Body. After we sang, we said our TOPS Pledge followed by our KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) Pledge.

Since we have begun a new year of Officer and other Service job, Susan ask to let her know if there were any that didn’t want to server in their current positions. After they are updated a new sheet will be printed for everyone.

Marie won the right to draw the marble for our Marble Game. We had $13.50 in the pot but she didn’t draw the winning white one.

Susan reminded us of the Summer Contest. She encouraged us to take a moment and search our minds on “What TOPS means us.” We need to have those stories to her before the end of August.

Area Recognition Day will be on Oct. 3 at the Benson Center in Clinton. Hope you’re planning to go. We’ll have more information next week.

The Real Life books have arrived. If you ordered one be sure to pay for it and pick it up. The final cost was $17.72 with tax.

Roll was taken with 24 members weighing in today. Our Best Loser for the week turned out to be a tie. Robbie and Laura both lost 2.4 lbs. We had some other really good losses too. To mention a few, Jennifer lost 2.2, Melissa lost 1.6, Chris lost 2.8 and Terri lost 6.2. Most of these didn’t stay for the meeting so didn’t qualify for the Best Loser Award. However, these gave us a 21 pound net loss for the week.

Jennifer had a wonderful program for us today. She told us how important vitamins and minerals are for our bodies. She shared a list of vitamins and what each of these vitamins and minerals do for our bodies. Some vitamins are water-soluble and other are fat-soluble. She gave us food sources that could provide them for us rather than taking a supplement. We not only had a good program but a good discussion about what we had learned.

We dismissed with this thought for the week, ”Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving their goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.”

We meet in the Grace United Methodist Church on 201 E. Broadway St. every Thursday morning. Meeting starts at 8:45 and weigh in at 7:45. Come check us out.