TOPS Chapter 319 El Dorado Springs (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) met in the Church of Christ Sanctuary on Thursday, May 18.

Steve had the program today.  He spoke on being a diabetic.  He took his information for the “Choice Is Mine” book from TOPS.

He told us over $117 billion dollars is spent in health care costs in the US due to obesity.

Obesity can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

He said you can control diabetes through diet and exercise or meds.

When Steve joined TOPS his blood sugar was running very high.  It is now around 67, He weighed 285 lbs. when he joined TOPS and now he weighs 232 lbs.

He chose to control his diabetes with diet and exercise.  He said his father tried to control his with shots.  He went into a diabetic coma and almost died.

Steve said he feels much better following a healthier life style and he credits this to the support he receives from TOPS.

He says it is a love hate relationship.  Some days he hates the diet but he loves the results.

Robbie opened the meeting and Carol led us in singing “To TOPS Club We Will Go”.

Marilyn led us in a series of exercises.

Robbie led us in Roll Call. Twenty-eight weighed in today.  The chapter had a net loss of 2.8 lbs.  Our newest member, Melissa, was the week’s best loser with a loss of 7.4 lbs. 

Robbie read a thank you note from Melissa thanking the members for the baby shower.

Robbie also read a thank you card from Marguerite thanking the chapter for the cards and prayers during her recent surgery.

Marilyn presented a back in black award with perfect attendance to LJ for the month of April.

We sang Happy Birthday to both Melissa and Susan who will celebratE their birthdays on the 19th.

Angie won the right to draw for a marble but did not get the white one.  The pot is growing and there are few marbles left.

Warren presented a new contest for our consideration.  He said it is very simple.  You enter; you lose weight, if a KOPS you stay in leeway (this may be changed requiring KOPS to stay under goal).  In addition we will do the fruit and veggie alphabet.  Starting June 1 you eat a fruit or veggie each day, the fruit or veggie name must start with a letter of the alphabet A-Z.  Only U & X are not required but there is extra credit if you find a fruit or veggie starting with those letters.

The chapter voted by show of hands to do this contest, it will start on June 1 and go through June 29.

The executive committee will meet after next week’s meeting to discuss the bylaws.  If anyone has any changes or comments please stay for the open executive meeting or talk to an officer.

Robbie will present the summer contest for Fall Rally next week. Juanita will be in charge of the summer contest.

There will be new membership lists available.  They were emailed out but if you cannot print one for yourself they will be available next week.

Juanita will have the program next week.

With no other business, we closed with our motto “If It Is To Be IT IS Up To Me.”

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