TOPS Chapter 319 El Dorado Springs met in the Church Of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Linda H opened the meeting and Kay led us in singing “Hooray”.

We said our pledges and Linda led us in roll call.  Chris was the week’s best loser with a loss of 4.2 lbs.

Twenty-two members weighed in today. The chapter had a gain of 1 lb.

Sharon reminded us November dues are due.

Marilyn presented the awards today.

For the month of October the chapter had a net loss of 17.6 lbs.

Marie was the winner of free dues. Since she is a KOPS she passed this on to Becky.

Sandi was the best loser for the month; she lost 7.4 lbs and won $15.62.

Marilyn presented Sandi with a certificate for her 25 lb. loss. Sandi is in a new decade and at her lowest weight this year.

Susan S received her half way to goal certificate and charm and she is close to “being on the stick”.

Juanita received her certificate and charm for her 30 lb loss.

Sharon received a certificate and charm for her 8-year anniversary as a KOPS

KOPS in leeway are: Marie, Marilyn, Dorothy, Marguerite, Paul, Sharon, Jean, Melanie and Carol.

Nov. 2 Marguerite celebrated her 15-year anniversary as a KOPS.   Warren reported on the contest stating this week.  Several members have signed up. There are two separate contests for TOPS and KOPS.

Sharon won the right to draw a marble but did not draw the white one.

Linda reminded us Saturday is Fall Rally.  We have several things to raffle. Sheryl Ann put together two baskets, one for kitchen and one for bath.  Juanita donated a basket of Mary Kay products, Susan made 10 hand crocheted “hot air balloons” decorations and Jean made a “milk can snowman”.

For more information, call Robbie Chase at 417-876-0233, Juda at 876-4888, TOPS toll free number 1 800-932-8677 or you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.

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