TOPS Chapter 319 El Dorado Springs (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) met in the Church Of Christ meeting room on Thursday, Feb. 2.

Kay led us in singing “It’s Not Too Late”.

We said our TOPS and KOPS pledges.

Robbie led us in roll call. We had 29 members weigh in today and the chapter had a net loss of 34.8 lbs. Angie was our best loser of the week with a loss of 4.4 lbs. for three weeks in a row. Other good losses were Sandi lost 4.2 and Verna lost 4.2; Linda W 2.2 and Warren 2.2 Robbie 1.2 and Felicia 1.2.

Marilyn presented awards today. Sharon won drawing for free dues and passed it on to Kathy.

Marilyn said Sandi and Susan had an all black month.

Angie was the month’s best loser with a 10 lb. loss she is close to a 20 lb. loss. She won the month best looser kitty which was $6.60. Congratulations Angie, you are doing great.

There were 12 members who had a back in black month with perfect attendance.

Steve S received his 10 lb. loss certificate and charm

Chris W received his 20 lb. loss certificate and charm.

Juanita S won 1st place in most inches lost July 2016 thru January 2017. She lost 20 inches and received a certificate and charm.

Chris W was in second place with 7 1/4/ inches lost.

Those on the stick with less than 20 lbs. to goal are; Juanita, Linda H, LJ, Chris, Margie and Tammy.

TOPS International has issued a million pound loss challenge. That translates to 10 pounds lost by each TOPS member. If everyone in our chapter meets the challenge and loses 10 lbs. in 2017 Robbie will see that Sylvia visits our chapter and conducts a meeting.

Jan won the right to draw for the marble but drew a green one.

Warren said the contest starts this week. You are responsible for keeping track of your accomplishments.

Sharon reminded us February dues are due.

Robbie asked how many plan to go to SRD this year. We will stay in Springfield on Friday night April 21. We have 6 rooms reserved but will see if we need more. About 10 people indicate an interest in going so Jean will try to book two more rooms. The six rooms we have reserved are King Beds with only one bed to a room.

Robbie announced there is a new coordinator for Eastern Missouri, Linda Wilcox. In the future they will attempt to schedule SRD in the central part of the state.

Please note your January TOPS magazine has the TOPS International bylaws in the center of the magazine.

With no other business meeting was adjourned with our motto. “If It Is TO Be It Is Up To ME.”

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