TOPS Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs met in The Preferred Family Healthcare building, 700 E. Hospital Rd, El Dorado Springs on Thursday, April 11, 2024 for their regular weigh in and meeting.

Warren, our leader, called the meeting to order.

Carol led us in singing “My Favorite Things”

We said our TOPS & KOPS Pledges

Warren led us in roll call; 19 members weighed in. The chapter had a gain of 10.2 lbs. and a loss of 8 pounds which gave us a net gain of 2.2 pounds.

The week’s best loser was Linda C with a loss of 1.8 lbs. Congratulations Linda.

The floor was turned over to Marilyn and Carol for the Awards Ceremony.

We are missing two members who were both recognized last year at our Recognition Day Celebration, Juda Wosoba and Judy Dingley, we will dedicate this year’s Recognition Day honors to them today.

We had five division winners for 2023, they each achieved a loss of ten or more pounds during 2023.

In Division 2, Pat received an award for first place in women’s division 2 with a loss of 10.0 pounds. Pat received a charm and certificate.

Warren received an award for First place in men’s division 2 with a loss of 12.8 pounds, he received a certificate and charm

In Division 3 we had two winners: Juanita was awarded first place in women’s division three with a loss of 32.2 pounds. Juanita received a charm and certificate. Jan T was our second-place winner in division 3, Jan lost 18.6 pounds in 2023. Jan received a charm and certificate.

In Division 4 we had one winner, Samantha received an award for 1st place in women’s division 4 for her loss of 12.2 pounds, she received a charm and certificate.

These division winners are well on their way to becoming a KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly).

DIVISION WINNERS ARE AS FOLLOWS – Pictured from left: Carol Stubock (weight recorder and presenting the awards) Samantha Hawkins, Jan Taylor, Juanita Scovile, Warren Hall and Pat Tippie, all division winners and on the end Marilyn Dresh (weight recorder and presenting awards).

KOPS (KEEP OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY) – pictured from left: Judy Bozarth, Carol Stubock, Linda Hall, Jean Lovewell, Laura Hicks and Marilyn Dresh.

The next portion of our awards are for the KOPS. There are currently nine KOPS in our chapter (they have reached their set goal weight and maintain it by staying “in leeway; no more than three pounds over goal weight and no more than seven pounds under goal weight).

Laura Hicks joined our TOPS chapter in 2019 and lost 123.0 pounds to goal weight.  Laura is now a two-year KOPS.

Laura received a special award and surprise, Laura is the first and only person in TOPS 9319 during our 56 years as a chapter to lose over 100 pounds, and for that she is receiving a TOPS Trophy.

Jean Lovewell joined TOPS in 2004 and earned her KOPS status a year later by losing 45.5 pounds to goal, she was also queen runner up that year.  In 2023 she accumulated 18 years as a KOPS and they are all consecutive as she never lost her status.

Marilyn Dresch joined TOPS in April of 2011 and became a KOPS at the last meeting of that same year. She was Runner Up Queen that year, she accumulated 12 consecutive years as a KOPS status.

Linda Hall, Linda joined TOPS in 1989 and became a KOPS in 2005, she has accumulated 12 years as a KOPS in 2023

Marie Barlow, Marie Joined TOPS in 2000. She became a KOPS in 2004 and was our Queen that year.  Marie has accumulated 15 years as a KOPS in 2023.

Carol Stubock joined TOPS in 2001 and became a KOPS in 2002 and was the 2002 Queen. Carol has accumulated 15 years as a KOPS in 2023

Judy Bozarth rejoined TOPS in 2018. Judy is celebrating her one-year KOPS in 2023.

Ray Bozarth was unable to be with us today.  Ray joined TOPS on April 15,2021 and became a KOPS the next week with a loss of two pounds. Ray is celebrating his two-year KOPS Anniversary this year.

All the KOPS received a yellow rose and a silk rose. The yellow rose is the KOPS symbol and the silk yellow rose is for each KOPS to present to a fellow TOPS to encourage them to reach their goal.

We thank Carol and Marilyn for all the hard work they put into the recognition day with the beautiful decorations, and lovely program. Our chapter is blessed to have them as our weight recorders and our best cheerleaders.

Linda C will have the program next week.

Contest: Laura will have a report on our progress next week. She suggested if you try a new recipe to submit a photo of it and or the recipe and that will count toward earning a “bee.”

Marble Game: Laura won the right to draw but did not get the winning one. The pot is at $72 and there are only five marbles left.

Stephany is celebrating her birthday today; she was unable to be with us but we still wish her a happy birthday.

Linda Hall caught up on some monthly awards. Steve received a 5-pound loss certificate

Kaelin received a certificate for most weight lost in the first quarter; she lost 16.4 lbs.

With no other business meeting was adjourned with our motto:


TOPS toll-free number 1 800-932-8677, you can find us on the web at

Come and join us.

TOPS #MO 9319 meets each Thursday morning in the “Preferred Family Healthcare building at 700 E. Hospital Rd, El Dorado Springs. Weigh-in starts at 7:45 a.m. the meeting begins at 8:45 a.m. and is over by 10 a.m.

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