TOPS Chapter 9319 El Dorado Springs (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) met in the United Methodist Church, 201 E Broadway on Thursday, Sept. 26, for their weekly weigh-in and meeting. 

Leader Susan opened the meeting with the TOPS & KOPS Pledges

Carol led us in singing “Help Me Slender”.

Nineteen weighed in today, we had a loss of 12.2 lbs. and a gain of 7.2 lbs. resulting in a net loss of 5 lbs.  Best loser for the week was Laura with a loss of 3.6 lbs. Other good losses were: Sandi 1.4, Sheryl Ann 1.2, Marie 1.6, Robbie 2.4. 

The chapter presented Laura with a plant along with our condolences for the loss of her mother.

Marble Game: Marie won the right to draw and drew the winning marble. She won $126 and the chapter won $126. Sheryl Ann will be starting a new Marble game with a few little different twists.

Sheryl Ann reported our Woods receipts are up to $10,428.76.

Susan said she is going to have a quote jar. When a member sees a quote that they would like to share, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. This will be used for our closing thought. If you wish to read your quote put your name on the paper when you put it in the jar.

Susan reminded us Claudia will visit us on Oct. 10.

The floor was then turned over to Margie for the program. Margie was assisted by Carol and Laura. Margie and Carol were dressed in Mardi Gras masks and scarves and gave the program on how to make a healthy Herbed Vegetable Soup. This was an excellent program/skit and we all got to enjoy a taste of the soup at the end.

With no other business meeting was adjourned with our motto “IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME.”

TOPS #MO 9319 meets each Thursday morning in the Methodist Church at 201 E Broadway, El Dorado Springs. Weigh-in starts at 7:45 a.m. The meeting begins at 8:45 a.m. and is over by 10 a.m.