by Lana Sue Jones

Thirteen members of the Twentieth Century Club met on Nov. 14, in the home of Sandi Eaves with Sherry Wiseman serving as co-hostess.

President Sandi Eaves called the meeting to order. The minutes of our last meeting and the treasure’s report were approved. The committee report were given and discussed.

Lana Sue Jones gave the opinion on the use of cash verses credit/debit cards. People are choosing to pay and buy with cards, phones and computers. Will cash become out dated?

Glenda Baker provided the entertainment which was the game called Button, Button, Who Has The Button. Playing the game brought back memories of our childhood and we all enjoyed being little again.

Luella Phipps presented her program on the History of My Painting. She started painting in 1982 and took classes from several local artists. Her first project was using liquid embroidery on cloth. Next was cameo painting on material, learning color and shading The next technique was tole painting on tin and wood and finally the last pictures were done on canvas with acrylic paint. She painted several scenes and buildings in the surrounding area. The group got to see samples of the different pieces of her work.

The meeting was adjourned and the members were served a delicious refreshment.

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