Submitted by Lana Sue Jones

The Twentieth Century Club met on Nov. 14 with hostess Sherry Wiseman Glenda Ware served as co-hostess. Georgia, president, called the meeting to order.

The minutes were read and approved followed by the treasurer report. Old business was an update on the library which will hopefully be open before the first of the year.

The open house will be in the Spring when the parking lot is finished. New business was a motion made and carried to make a contribution to the Christmas baskets and the program to purchase items for displaced high school students.

It was suggested to change Amendment 2, Section 2 of the bi-laws to say associate members will not pay dues. A decision will be made next month. There were no committee reports.

Our new member, Janet Conners, was introduced and welcomed into our club. The opinion was given by Sandi Eaves.

At the stores, the lines were so long because the store had started using self-checkout and this reduced the number of cashiers. The discussion included the fact that this change would take away jobs, and the machines can miss items or charge the wrong price.

Jean Wernel presented the program on the biography of Martin Strel, the Big River Man. He was born in Slovenia in 1954 and is a long-distance swimmer. He holds the Guinness World Record for swimming the Danube, Mississippi, Yangtze, and Amazon Rivers. His motto is “swimming for peace, friendship, and clean waters”. In 2021 he swam 313.5 miles in 66 days. His goal is to swim 24,000 miles around the world to raise awareness of aquatic pollution. She included a video of a CNN documentary on him. The meeting was adjourned to enjoy delicious refreshments.

Our December meeting on the 12th was held in the Christmas decorated home of Georgia Detwiler, president. Co-hostess were Evelyn Boyle, Sharyl Henry, Luella Phipps, Jean Wernel, Sherry Wiseman, and Ruth Woody.

The minutes were read and treasurer report given. Old business was to change the constitution that was recommended from our last meeting.

A motion was made, voted on, and carried to have the amendment state that associate members will not have to pay dues.

The homeless students at our school and the spring exhibit by the Arts Council will be discussed at a later time.

Our program was provided by two young musicians, both playing the piano. Belle Sayler performed “Fur Elise’ “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman,’ and a duet with her mother playing and singing “We Three Kings”. The other performer was Daniel Flaten who played the following musical selections: “This is Summer”, “White Christmas”, “O Holy Night”,” Christmas Time is Here”, and “Away In A Manager”. We enjoyed the program and then adjourned for delicious Christmas refreshments.