Submitted by Lana Sue Jones

The Nov. 8 meeting was held in the home of Sandi Eaves who served as hostess and Jean Wernel serving as co-hostess. President Georgia Detwiler called the meeting to order. The minutes were read and approved. The club received a thank you note from Steve Wiseman for our donation to the Christmas Baskets. The entertaining committee is working on the program for our Christmas meeting in December. There was no old or new business. The opinion was about virtual reality and being able to attend events by holograms but a ticket would still be required to attend. The group ABBA is coming out with an album as holograms. What would this be like? Sherry Wiseman presented the program on Jazz. This type of music started in the late 19th century among black musicians in New Orleans. It has been described by saying the Blues is three notes for a thousand people and Jazz is a thousand notes for three people. Jazz changed through the years and starting in 1990, no one style dominated. It is about individuality, creativity, improvisation and not following written music. “You can’t say what Jazz is; you just know it when you hear it.” Meeting was adjourned to enjoy delicious refreshments.

Our Dec. 13 meeting was hosted by Glenda Baker in her beautifully holiday decorated home, co-hosted by Sandi Eaves, Georgia Detwiler, Dorothy Foster, Glenda Ware and Su Jones. We did not have a meeting, so the group enjoyed the beautiful singing of Nicole Entrikin who performed Christmas music. The group adjourned to enjoy delicious holiday food and visiting wishing everyone a Happy New Year.