by Glen Van Bummel

My name is Glen Van Bummel. I am a 15 year old sophomore at El Dorado Springs High School. I have been a 4-H Member for nine years. I am the President of the Union Hall 4-H Club. I grew up in 4-H with older sisters whom have been mentors and leaders to myself and others. It has just been a part of what my family does. However, now I realize what 4-H has really done for me and why it is an educational, productive and successful program.

I have tried several different projects from photography, welding, archery, wildlife, sportfishing and, of course, beef, meat goats, sheep and swine. Each project has given me lessons, education and experiences to grow with my interest and my future.

4-H is a youth program that has opportunities for everyone no matter what your interest. You will succeed and accomplish goals based on how much effort you choose to be involved. My personal experiences have taught me skills, responsibilities and dedication to myself, my peers and my community. My fears of talking in front of people and stepping into leadership positions have been overcome. Serving as president and being an older member in my group has help me gain confidence, communicational skills and decision making. I love animals. My opportunities along with the support of my leaders and family have allowed me to succeed and accomplish goals, awards and recognitions. I have traveled, met new friends and outstanding people who are leaders, business men and women successful in different careers. I have been fortunate to be recognized over the last nine years with some outstanding awards and recognitions I am very proud of. It is not all simple. It takes effort and hard work. I have many people to thank for supporting me.

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