On Saturday, May 28,2016, the Union Point Cemetery yearly meeting was held.

The meeting was called to order with 11 present. Among those present were:

J.C. Marshall, president, Kristi Toliver treasurer, Nora Chaney, board member and Buell Cochran board member. It was agreed Buell Cochran would continue to mow the cemetery. Nora Chancy resigned as board member. Julie Kingsbury was voted in as her replacement. The remaining officers agreed to continue serving in their existing positions for another year.

Thank you to anyone who has donated their time and labor in an effort to make improvements to the cemetery. As always, you are appreciated.

Thank you to those who have contributed this past year. If you have not contributed and wish to do so, please send your donations to: Union Point Cemetery, C/O Kristi Toliver, treasurer, 7895 SW 600 Rd, El Dorado Springs, Missouri 64744.

2015-2016 Union Point Cemetery treasurer’s report

Beginning balance on April 20, 2015, $1.229.03

Donations received $495

Interest income $10.22

Lock box rental $10

Maintenance-mowing $525

Ending balance on May 28 2016, $1.199.25

2015-2016 donor record

(Donations June 7, 2015-June 1 2016)

Marshall family reunion

Madeline Parrish

Nora Mae Chaney

JC and Janet Marshall

Marcia Ann Abbott

Glen and Vicki Barge

Edith Richardson

Michael Hallford

Julie and Dwaine Kingsbury

Darren and Kristi Toliver

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