Here is a feel good vote for 2020–help Dickerson Park Zoo name the cheetah cubs. The babies, born October 1, are not on exhibit and are being cared for around-the-clock by the Cheetah Care Team. Now, you can help select names and help care for all the animals at Dickerson Park Zoo.

To vote, go to

Each vote is a $5 donation to help toward improvements to the zoo’s animal hospital.

Cheetah Names Ballot:

Art: the voice of sports in Springfield; Art is a walking, talking sports encyclopedia and all around nice guy.

Ned: the face of sports in Springfield; Ned delivered the sportscast on the local news for more than 40 years.

Crocker: Dickerson Park Zoo’s faithful leader. He is passionate about protecting wildlife and has dedicated more than 40 years to Dickerson Park Zoo. He loves snakes, but please don’t hold that against him.

Brad: Springfield’s most famous star; he’s cute, but is he baby cheetah cute?

Mahomes: He plays football, right?

Chadwick: Superhero; super man.

Jackie: Lady Bear extraordinaire.

Moxie: Little sister has it, and she’s a little theatrical.

Faith: If you work at Dickerson Park Zoo, you know Faith. She is our cheerleader, team builder, mask maker, zoo lover, joke teller and friend. You gotta have Faith!