by Dora Jean McKinley

Marilyn Entrikin said Christmas decorations are up everywhere. Since it has cooled off, she hasn’t see Tersea Brewer on the front porch lately. Tersea’s dad died, he had Barone for a while. That’s when she moved to Chapman Estate.

Saturday was cleaning day at her church. The reward was donuts and coffee; pretty good pay. Turning up the furnace keeps the icicles on the front porch on the outside.

Christmas snuck up fast. Still needed to put up a Christmas tree and decorations and do some shopping. My brother comes up every year and spends the day. My mom would look forward to it all year long. As the years pass, we can look back and remember.

Our cats don’t seem to mind the cold. Cat food and snacks pick up on demand. Tex and Dora Jean need to own a cat food company.