Marge Zink and Julia Snethen Submitted by Beverly Pelkey

Morning message at Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Linda Wangsing was “ Jesus Heals” from Acts 9:36-43. You are always welcome to join us for Worship Sunday at 9 a.m., Tuesday Bible study at 9 a.m.

Sympathy and prayers to the family of Melvin Taylor of Mt. Zion area also the family of Bea Gordon of the Ohio Community who died this past week.

Mt. Zion area farmers have been busy harvesting corn and baling hay, mowing pastures, gardens are being cleaned.

Happy Anniversary to Leroy and Dortha Swopes celebrating 68 years of marriage.

Judy Piepmeier was happy to get a good report from the eye doctors.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle and Robin are getting along fine since the dog days of summer are over. Both are enjoying the cooler weather and the longer evenings since the chickens are going to bed earlier. Petey told Belle, “if she went to Church she could get breakfast.” Belle told him “someone has to stay home and guard the place and work.”

Tom Pelkey has not been feeling well this past week, entertaining the Crud.  Beverly is keeping the cats feed, the hummingbirds are gone.

Dixie Peterson still doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor. Howard visited several times a week.

Julia Snethen kept her doctor’s appointment not getting the report she wanted.  She did make it to the beauty shop then she and John stopped at the Amish Store for fresh tomatoes and vegetables.

Sorry, Kelly Key is not feeling well, we wish her a speedy recovery