by Julia Snethen & Marge Zink

Sunday morning worship service at the Rockville United Methodist Church was conducted by Pastor Linda Wansing entitled “Make it personal, make it about Jesus,” taken from Matthew 6:5-8,16-18, 22-34. You are always welcome to join us for worship Sunday at 9 a.m. and Bible study Tuesday morning 9 a.m.

Mt. Zion area will welcome fall this week. Fall started Sept. 22, it is starting to look like fall with corn and soybeans being harvested. Gardens are about finished; everything could use a good rain. Haven’t noticed much color in the trees yet; just need watering and some rain.

Pappenville Picnic was Sept. 24. Fun started at 1 p.m. B Hwy. was open from Rich Hill.

Sorry to learn Judy Piepmier spent some time in the hospital, not eye related. She is home and doing good. Still smiling and keeping Terry in line.

Wanda Rector’s daughter, Debbie, from Springfield visited her mother helping Wanda entertain her Sunday School class. Debbie is writing a book and letting them all have a pick, sounds great.

Happy birthday to Mary Louise Johanningmeier she is 91.

Dixie Peterson keeping busy doing therapy at the Truman Lake Manor.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle is tired of this hot dry weather. She thought summer was over when got days arrived but she got hot so she found her cool place to take a nap. The little people came for a visit and Wabel was working up apples with Robin knitting more stuff.

John Snethen spent a quite week with his bus route and Julia stayed at home since taking the flu shot which made her sick. They did visit Shirley McEwan on Monday evening; Karen is in from Georgia. Julia kept her appointments on Friday and the doctor prescribed more medicine and must go back on Friday.

Rockville Hand quilters are making progress on the quilt. Come visit with us each Thursday from 1-4 p.m. Coffee at 2:15; always welcome.