By Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Moring message at the Rockville United Methodist Church was by Nicholas Van Dam was entitled “Life with no Seating Chart” from Luke14: 7-14. We invite you to join us at 9 a.m. Sunday morning for worship.

Mt. Zion Home Bible study meets each Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Tom and Beverly Pelkey home to study the Bible with 10 in attendance; everybody is welcome.

Our sympathy to the Kenneth Taylor family. Funeral service was held Saturday in El Dorado Springs, interment in Mt. Zion Cemetery Rockville.

The weather has been good in the Mt. Zion area, some showers of rain; farmers are shelling corn and making feed for silo. My doorknob garden is still doing good okra, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash this past week.

Robin Siegismund was glowing when she gave me her news today. Nephew, Nathan, who is in the service in Germany called her on his birthday thanking her for the treat box. Isn’t it wonderful this instant communications.

Lizzie Parks and Roberta Dines celebrated their 90th birthday this week, Happy Birthday hope I look that good when I make 90 birthdays. Lizzie enjoyed the party in the Appleton City Park on Sunday.

Stacy Griffith took Marge Zink to Overland Park to the cancer center where she got a good report; she is to come back in a year.

Tom and Beverly Pelkey accompany son, Greg, and Meish Pelkey to church in Springfield Sunday where Meish sang a solo during church services.

The Rockville Hand Quilters met Thursday to work on their quilts, we enjoyed Ella Siegismund who accompanied her grandmother, Margie, Ella played under the quilt just like we did with our dolls, nice seeing little girls playing with dolls.

I like the way Terri Schiereck keeps her fence and road way mowed and Mother Nature’s landscape with a group of white mushrooms, the blackberry lilies are almost blackberries.

John and Julia Snethen went to Bolivar this week for some minor surgery for John. Julia had John in the emergency room Friday but he is doing better now. Son, Ron, was home for the weekend and finished the front porch.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day.

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