By Julia Snethen & Marge Zink
Sunday morning worship service at the Rockville United Methodist Church was conducted by Page Marten entitled “The Role of a Father” taken from I King 19:1-15. You are welcome to join to join us for worship Sunday at 9 a.m. Pastor Linda will celebrate her birthday June 25.
Mt. Zion area has started to dry out; no rain for several days. Water is back in the creeks, corn is growing, soybeans are up, wheat has been harvested, the wild roses are pretty making a nice vase for the table lots of thorns!
Over at the Robin Siegismund farm, Belle is hot wishing for snow so she can make a snow angel and cool off; even the mud puddles have dried up. Mabel’s garden is doing good, so are the chickens hatching more babies; Robin not doing well on hatching guineas.
The wild blackberries are turning red; hope to get enough for a pie before the deer do.
Rockville Hand Quilters met Thursday and enjoyed the afternoon quilting and of course coffee at 2:30. We are about to finish a quilt. If you have a quilt top that needs quilting we would like to do it. Call Marge at 660-598-4240 for more information.
Dixie Peterson celebrated her birthday this past week at Truman Lake Manor she enjoyed cards and flowers and she would like to thank everyone.
Wanda Rector has been home for two weeks and has not gone on vacation, she is making plans. She can only mow the yard and clean the house so long before she does something else.
Terry Piepmeier took Judy to the eye doctor for another shot this past week. Judy’s eye is some better and she is still smiling.
Marge Zink has finally learned to use a thimble to sew with after all these years, used it to quilt with but now to sew have been trying to learn since high school.
John and Julia Snethen have been busy, John with running his bus route and Julia keeping her appointments. Julia went to Knob Noster Friday morning after her hair appointment to help granddaughter Shella and spend time with Theo. Julia and Theo took care of Shella’s garage sale while Shella worked and Julia spent the night. Shella, Theo and Julia went to the farmers markets in Knob Noster, Warrensburg and one out on 23 Hwy. half way to Lexington. They hit garage sales a round Warrensburg which tried Julia and Theo out so had to go back to Shella’s to take a nap, before Julia returned home.

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