Morning message at Rockville United Methodist Church was by guest pastor, Rev. Laura Murphy titled “A Return on Investment” from 2 Timothy 4:6-8. You are welcome to join us at 9 a.m. Sunday morning and Bible study at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.
Mt. Zion are is enjoying spring; with flowers blooming, trees are budding and little leaves. Farmers are working fields, wheat fields are a beautiful green, mushrooms are being found, lots of baby calves, redbuds are in bloom. It is a pretty good time to go for a drive in the county. The humming birds have arrived.
Happy birthday to Julia Snethen, she is still keeping her doctor’s appointments and beauty shop appointment and to Appleton City shopping and Osceola.
Dixie Peterson is still doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor in Lowry City. She enjoys visitors, getting mail and watching television and keeping up with three cards at Bingo.
Wanda Rector is still on the go. This winter she has been to Florida, St. Louis, Springfield and point beyond but, manages to make it to Rockville to quilt on Thursdays while planning her next trip.
Judy Piepmeier is still smiling and trying to keep Terry in line while waiting for the doctor to try a new eye surgery on her so she can see better. All prayers are welcome.
Prayers for Tony Reynolds as he is doing more treatments.
Belle was happy to tell me her news, she enjoyed the winter weather; three days of cold to make snow angels then four days of warm where she enjoys sun bathing. So far, no new chickens this spring but, hens are setting. Butterscotch and R.J. are the new calves to play with. Mabel gave Robin her guineas which Belle likes to dash through making them fly and her smile. Robin is still knitting little people blankets and hats; Mabel is anxious to plant her garden.
Tom and Beverly Pelkey are busy getting ready to start the next chapter in their life; they are moving to the Springfield area where on of their son lives. They will be missed greatly.
Mt. Zion Club hosted a farewell dinner for Beverly and Tom Pelkey at the Rockville United Methodist Church fellowship hall in Rockville on April 20. Club members and neighbors enjoyed a bountiful carry-in meal at noon. Beverly has been a faithful member for 15 years, she will be missed.
Mt. Zion Club will meet May 18, at the Marge Zink home for an all day meeting with Rock-Taco for lunch.
Rockville hand quilters have been busy quilting this winter. The weather has cooperated as we only missed a couple of times. We would like to quilt one of your quilts, waiting time is short. For more information, call Marge at 660-598-4240.